Katsu Challenge

USANKF National Qualifier



















Katsu Challenge Divisions


                        Levels:     Beginners (0 - 1 years)    Intermediate (2 - 3 years)

                                             Novice (1 - 2 years)       Advanced ( 3 years and over)
                                          *Black belts must register as Advanced
                                          *Brown belts must register as Intermediate or Advanced
                                          *Must register for one level higher than last year
                Divisions:      5 & Under                    14 - 15 years

                             6 - 7 years                    16 - 17 years

                                    8 - 9 years                    18 - 34 years
                                            10 - 11 years                 35 and over
                                            12 - 13 years
          *The tournament director reserves the right to change or combine divisions if
            there is less than five competitors per division.

Kata Eliminations

              Uniform:   -  All white karate uniform with one small patch allowed
                                          on left chest. 
                                       -  Competitors will wear red belt for Aka or blue belt for Ao
                                       -  Belts will be provided for those that do not have their own.
          Performance:  - A random pairing of competitors will perform next to one
                                         another.  Advanced adults will perform individually.
                                      - Male and female divisions will be combined except for
                                         Advanced 14-34.
                                      - All competitors may repeat the same kata in each round.
                                      - Beginner and Novice competitors must perform katas at their
                                         skill level. They may not perform advanced katas.
                                      - Intermediate and Advanced kata competitors may perform
                                          any kata

Kumite Rules

   WKF Rules Modified:  applies to Beginners, Novice, Intermediate,
                                                 13 & under Advanced, and all 35+
                                -   1 Minute 30 Second Rounds (Stop time)
                                -   Single Elimination
                                -   Winner is first to reach 8 points or lead at time expiration
                                -   Light "Skin Touch" contact is allowed with head kicks
                                -   No contact is allowed with head punches
      WKF Rules:  Advanced Divisions 14 - 34
                                -   2 Minute Rounds (Stop Time) for 14 - 17 PKF and WKF women
                                -   3 Minute Rounds (Stop Time) for WKF men
                                -   Winner is first to have lead of 8 points or lead at time expiration
                                -   WKF rules for contact

             You may download the complete WKF Rulebook here.

      Uniform & Equipment: 
                                 -  All white uniform with one small patch on left chest allowed
                                 -  Mouth guard and groin protectors (males only).  This will be
                                    checked in staging.  Those are missing this equipment will
                                    not be allowed to compete.
                                 -  WKF style red and blue sparring gloves. Gloves will be
                                     provided for those that do not have their own.
                                 -  Red and blue belts.  Belts will be provided for those that
                                    do not have their own.
                                 -  White foam helmets are mandatory for competitors 9 and under
                                     Helmets will be provided for those that don't have their own.
                                 -  WKF or USANKF approved foot protectors are optional

Staging Times

        Staging for Kata: 
           Staging times will be listed on the home page on Thursday, March 1st
          -  The remaining divisions will be called to staging as rings clear
           *All athletes are responsible to be at the commencement of the tournament and
             remain until their divisions are called.  Athletes that do not show up to staging
             when called will be disqualified.