Florida’s Premiere
Karate Tournament

National Qualifier – USA Karate / US Olympic Committee

March 8th, 2020
University of Florida - Exactech Arena
Gainesville, FL USA

The Katsu Challenge is an official qualifier for the USA Karate National Championships held in July each year.  All athletes that compete will be qualified to compete at Nationals.  USA Karate is the only governing body for sport karate recognized by the US Olympic Committee.

The Katsu Challenge is also an official sport of the Sunshine State Games.   The SSGs are an Olympic style sports festival sponsored by the State of Florida.  Over 30 different sports are offered throughout the year.  The KC is one of the first events of the Games for 2019.


Registration is now closed.  We cannot accept new registrations.  Please do not contact us to ask.


All athletes competing in the Katsu Challenge must fill out the Event Questionnaire and turn it in at the Check-In table when entering the Exactech Arena.  This form is generated by the Gainesville Sports Commission (GCS).  The GCS is instrumental in providing us funds to secure the Arena for our event.

Download Event Questionnaire


All athletes must confirm their registration was received and entered correctly by viewing the Athlete Check-In list below. We will post when the list is updated and send you an email when your info is posted. Email us at karate@katsudojo.com to fix any information.  This is the final list.  If your name is not on this list - then you are not registered for the tournament.  We will not accept any new registrations at this time.

Athlete Check-In List - (Final List)


The morning staging times for the Katsu Challenge are listed below. We do not have staging times past what is posted, so please do not contact us to ask about other divisions.  Parents and coaches are not allowed in staging or on the event floor at any time. The divisions listed under a ring assignment must report directly to their assigned rings by 8:45 am.  There are also four divisions that must report directly to Staging by 9:00 am.  We will be starting with Kata competitors only. The tournament will start exactly at 9:00 am.  Late competitors will be disqualified. We will call the Kumite Divisions after all the Kata divisions are complete.

Report Directly to Rings - (8:45 am)
Ring 1 - (5-7 year old Beginner Kata)
Ring 1 - (8-9 year old Beginner Kata)
Ring 2 - (18-34 year old Advanced Male Kata)
Ring 2 - (14-34 year old Advanced Female Kata)
Ring 3 - (5-7 year old Novice Kata)
Ring 3 - (8-9 year old Novice Kata Division)
Ring 4 - (5-7 year old Intermediate/Advanced Kata)
Ring 4 - (8-9 year old Intermediate/Advanced Kata)
Report Directly to Staging - (8:45 am)
10-11 year old Beginner Kata Division
10-11 year old Novice Kata Division
10-11 year old Intermediate Kata Division
10-11 year old Advanced Kata Division