Now Closed.  We cannot accept new registrations at this time.  Please do not contact us to ask.

Before registering you must read the following steps.

  1. You acknowledge that there will be no refunds for any reason, even if you cannot make the event. Please do not contact us to ask for a refund.
  2. That you have a 2020 USANKF membership # if you are using this as a qualifier for the Nationals. (See Below)
  3. That you are registering for one division higher than last year regardless of current belt level.  If you were Intermediate last year you must be Advanced this year even if you are not a black belt.  We will check the 2019 registration list and change your level if required.
  4. Please DO NOT use all capital letters when filling out form.  Please only capitalize the first letter of every word.

Online Registration - Closed


Paper Registration & Information - Closed


Athletes do not have to be a member of the USANKF to participate in this event. However, if you would like to qualify for Nationals - you will need an Individual Membership Number. This is a $50 fee and can be purchased online through the USANKF website. You will have to set up an account if you have not done so yet. You can link to the page below.

Purchase USANKF Individual Membership

If you have purchased an Athlete Membership, but do not remember your membership number - click on the link above and log onto you account on the bottom right side of the screen. Then click on the "Membership Control Panel" button on the blue tab line.